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it's taken 15 years... but the orioles are back in the weekend started in texas when the o's knocked off theeteeas rangers to win the wiid card gamee.."based loaded to outs... fly ball left field nate mccloudd... and tte magical season of the baltimore orioles continues." &pcontinues.""oh it feels so good. i was a little kid last ttme ttey were winning like thi" this."then the excitement moved backktt baltimore as the orioles gott ready to face the big bad new york york yankees. yankees."hoppfflly we can bet the yankees. we're ppetty good when they cooe here." here."and tonight a loog awaited playoff game at oriole park at camden yards. good evening i'm jennifer gilbert.orioles fans have been in the playoffs... so what's two and a half hours more?
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mother nature causing a major rain it wasn'[t enough to keep passionate fans . away.melinda roeder... live at camden yards with more... melindd. even a delayed game. 3 3
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the honor of throwing out the first pitch for tonight'ssgame special needs student who was shot on the first day of school. anddperry hall high schhol guidance ounselor, jesse wasmer.....wasmer--- thh gun away from the student who did the shooting..... putting his own lifeeon the line... and possibly saving the llves of many students,. a damp and chilly night also couldn't dampen the spirits of fans that packed bars around pickles fans chhering could be heard throughout baltimore. baltimore. 3 3 3 3 p3 33 3 3 3 3 3 people would show up in the i - rainy weather, here is your answer, we're at pickles pub the second best hing to being p's ....rioles!!!!"even a two hour rain delay...had áno chance oo dampening tonight's
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o's magii: maaic: "not only are we in the playoffs but best possible circumstances...we're going to win i guarentee" tonight's showdown with the making...meaning it was time to dance in the rain.and breakk out the umbrellas and ponchos: ponchos:"we wouldn't be buckle up baay it's the playoff" the rainn we're waiting here all night!"people packed
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&ppickles pub...even thoogh fan were in a bar...they say they could fell the magic... radiating right next door at yardd:"they offered us ponchos pe said no thank you e want to show orange and have a silence in october...ttnight is baltimore's time to shine. shine."we've been waiting 15 years to bring it back to baltimore it's so special" &pabout what they were doing th last time the o's were in the fox45 news at ten" no matter where you areeas a fan tonight... several ppople weighing in on the rain delay througg social netwwrk sites. tracie e. bbadford writes... "cooe on mother nature... lighten up."
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and lisa devage posted...."ii needssto start soon, i ave to be up earlier than usual for work tomorrow :(" danny kutrick wasn't fooled by the delay....he says..."it's yankee voodoo, they don't want to loss yet." and here are some pictures from tte ball parkk..melinda of whattit looked like at camden yards for about two can see theetarr covering the infield as fans eventually it was time for the playerrintrrductions and the orioles tweeted a picture of both teams lined up along the &pgame started. 3 casey tweeted this icture of the towels handed out to fans entering the ball park ponight..he bbckle-up ssogan... an obvious tribute to mmnager buck showlater. and check out this fann.. james montague of owings mills.he was definntell ready for baltimore sportt toddy... sporting his jersey that's one-half ravens... the other haaf oriolls.the raaens winning today... 9-6 over the you too can ourrwebsite. go to ideos to foxbaltimorr dot com and click on the "see it, shoot it, send
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it iion. you can lso send photos directly from your cell phone to "pics at foxbaltimore dot ccm." cold and wet out there.for ght? more on tonight's conditiins and what we can expect tomorrow. tomorrow...hhre's meteorologist tony pagnotti
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remembering our heroes tonight. firefighters were added today to the national memorial in maryland.paul gessler alked to the faaily of maryland's fallen firefighter. firrfighterr ron siarnicki, national fallen pighterfighters foundation: fallen fighterfighters ron siarnicki, national fallen fighterfighters foundation: "thii i an important moment when our nation saas 'thank you' to our fallennwhen our nation says is an important impprtant momeet when our nation says 'thank you' o our fallen firefighters who haae died in theeline f dutt."one by one,((seeuence of names)) namms are read.ron siarricki, tte fallen firefighters that we honor is noo just a name. there is a story abbut (cut) what they did for their communiiies. (cut) bbt, most of all they're a member of a storiee. one here in maryland. reader: ""arkkg. falkenhan, department,,unty fire lutherville-volunteer fire company."gladys falkknhan: especiallyyin a setting like - this."falkenhan was killed in the line f dutt last year. christian falkenhan, probational firefiihter: "once he passed awwy, it dawneedon me. i eeinitely have to do it now."his son,
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pow training to be a family of dozens from around e - the country.gladys falkenhan:: "it is veey emotional to knoww there's a risk that we knew everyttme mark left us to go that rrsk."the 31st annual national fallen firefighter memoriall pushed inside mount saint mary's because of raan. ggadds falkenhan: "to come together as a nation, it's amazinn to come together as one family."fireffghters mourn brothers, fathers, sons.gladys falkenhan: this weekend has &pgiven us a full circle, and now we have that closure."dr. denis onieal: "the bell tolls their last alarm for they have gone home."(bells ring)gladys falkenhan: "it's amazing the way the oundation brings uss all together because we have one commoo bond: we all lost someone very significant to us saving lives."ii emmitsburg, &ppaul gessler, fox45 news at ten. 80 firefighters dieddin the line off dty nationwide ast year.five additional amms froompreviouu years were added to the roll of honor today. 3 washington wants more answers concerning the attack
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on the u-s consulate in libya. who hey''e subpoenaed ann why that officcil says he warned officials innadvance. a deadly outbreak.another confirmed case of a rare form of a disease in maryland, how widespreaa this outbreak now is... and what you should do affectedd
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lawmakers on capitol hill...taking action followwng the deadly attack on the u-s consulate in libya.the house oversight committee now launching a new investigation and demanding that top securityyofficials appear beeet lieutenant colonel andrew wood is head of site security team... in charge of protecting the consulatt.he is scheduled to appear wednesday in front of the house oversight committee. wwod has said he could not believe that the state department ddcreased security when they did, instead of beefing it up after wood sayss he showee them how dangerous it was on the ground. 114-129"the state department should not wait for the conclusion of it;s own administrative review board, which won't report for 60 days. i thinn there ought to be an ongoing process right now to try and enhhnce the security of diplomatic, and other official personnel inn the middle east ad elsewhere." elsewhere."representatives from the bureau of diplomatic security and the statee department are also expected to sseak at wednesday's hearing. 3
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povernor martin o'malley and new hampshire senator kelly ayote battled it out on fox news sunday over who's to blame for the bad economy. o'malley arguiig the huge &pdeficit president obamm inherited and ayotte arguing how the president has made it worse. o'malley ssys: "we stilllhave a long way to gg. anddspeaking of fdr, no president ince him was left bigger job llsses, deficits and more wars han er - presiient obama, was, by the failed policies of george w. bush, which resulted in directly, the grratest job losses since fdr. thhs is not easy anddit s hard work but we are moving forward. ayotte says: "hey, chris, let's talk abouu, though, his policies. of course, we didn't hear in the hour andd25 minutes of debate anything about the stimulus package, because if you look at the governor ddscribed it, they represented below 6 percent uneeployment right now, after the first two years and the
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policiis that this president put into place, actually made it worse. including the fact that obamacare is actuullyy-- you ask small employers, ii is ccusing thhm ot to hire because f rising healthcare co" cost." the nnxt debate between the presidentiil candidates will take place on tuesday october 16-th. 3for the 1-st time in 8 years representatives from the wweel of fortuneegame show came to marrland looking for contestant. pontestants.------people shouting wheel of fortune------- fortune----------thousands of fans showed up at the hunt valley town center hoping to of fortune in california. 3-hundred of them actually got a chance to audition on stage. "oh yea!!!! i woull be overwhelmed the feeling being here and the music, just makes me feel like i can do this!" 3 this year markssthe 30-th anniversary of wheel f fortunn.
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for the best game shows ii sure to watch jeopardy weeknights on fox45 at sevvn o''lock.wheel of fortune airs right after that at 7-thirty. 3 still to come... ww head backk out to camdennyards to get more on he passionate fans of this game. a cycling legend.lance armstrong brings his skill and controversy to maryland.the good cause he was supporting, pad to make because of the superstar. ageeeesthe resses that will help you look wonderful... through the years.monday on fox44 morning news.
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3- a superstar athlete who's seen his share of controversy was in maryland this weekend racing for a cause. cyclist lance armstrong was in ellicott city todayycompeting raise money for the ulman cancer fund for young adults. organizers dropped the u-s-a triathlon sanctioning so he could take part.armstrong is banned from official events after he chose not to fight doping charges.the ormer tour de france champion is a cancer complette a 9-mile swim, he 56-mile bike ride and a cancer survivors. "its ugh unbelievable platform for us to bring the community together, um to promote hhalth and wellness but raise money and awareness for the ancee fighh.
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this years race included more thann8-hundred participants. 3 3
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a recall tonighh involving some honda vehicles...why some poors arr catching on fire... anddwhy it can happen even if 3he vehicle is turned off..- dozens of fanssparaded downtown streets in black ann green. find out wwat they were supporting...coming up.
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the pharmacy that distributed a steroid linked to a rarr meningitis outbreak has issued a voluntaryyreeall. the new england compounding center says the move was taken out of caution because of the pbundant risk of contamination. at least 7-people nationwide have died in the last week. a 3-rd person in maryland as already contracttd the disease after receiving a steroid injection pn september.symptoms can be as severr as strokes....and take days if not weeks to show. "ssme of the symptoms we see ,like a headache, nausea, high fever are ind of similar to the flu that we are experiencing currently, but f you have had the particular steroid injection, it does not matter if you are experiencing even one or two oo the symptoms - go get checked." the center for disease control says he outbreak has spread to more than 90 people across 9 states. a complete list of the 75 clinics that received the tainned drug can be fouud pe have a ecall to tell you
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about tonight that affects 268- is recalling c-r-v crossovers from model years 2002 throogh 2006 for a fire riik.the company says there is an electrical switch in the driver's- side- door... that caa overheat and short ccrcuit if any rainnor other liquids happened to get on it through the fire to start... even if the vehicle is turned off.four fires have been reported but no will begin contacting owners next month and will reeair vehicles for free. conflict resolution onal - month...and today dozens came out for a peace walk around the city. the 2-nd annual 3-k event was held raise awareness boot the different types of services available in maryland to help peacefully resolvv conflicts. "there are lots of folks here that do all kinds of different peace work mediation,
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community connerencing, safe streets so people come on down learn aaout all hese services &pthat we have in balttmore cit most of them are free and walk for free." free." participants also enjoyed music, gamms and a contest for the most creative conflict resolution-themed hat. 3 a long soggy niggt at caaden yards...but he ravens emerged victorious in a nail-biter in with the highlights coming up in sports unlimited. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here.
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we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. aabig baseball night in
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baltimore as the orioles continue to battle the yankees in the american leaguu division seriess series.melinda roeder live from camden yardsswith update on the fans frenzy...... melinda. vo rollcue: just to be here sot rollcue: this post ssason. 3 sot rolllue: this post season. 3 post season.sot rollcue: this poot season. 3
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"iiwas here back in septemmer..........that'' whaa counts.""hey listee........beat them aayway." 3 3 3 that's all for the news at ten... up next bruce cunningham and morgan adsit have full cooerage of the orioles and yankees in sportt unlimited... coming upptoniiht on sports unl. unlimited... weather affecting the o's and yanks innthe game you know what's happening at and chiefs were involved in a turnover-filled affair in kansas city tooay...find out if the ravens could earn their michael phelps makes our playss- of the week...but not in he ppol...see what unbelieveable feat the baltimore native accomplished coming up next in sports unlimited...
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♪ just made it. [ bell chimes ] [ man ] hi, folks. looks like we're going to be here at least 15 minutes. hello, jimmy john's? someone order jimmy john's? [ tires screech ] [ male announcer ] jimmy john's. order online at [ indistinct talking on p.a. ]

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